Off Shoulder Corset Satin Maxi Gown In Purple

Short Description:

Materials: Satin

Zippered opening at the back

Stretch Factor: Non Stretch

Clean: Dry-clean only

Length: Approx 57.4inch / 146cm

Model Is Wearing A Size XXS (US-0)

Model Is 5′ 9½”

Color may vary due to lighting on images. The product images (without model) are the closest to the true color of the product.

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Off Shoulder Corset Satin Maxi Gown In Purple

Pure silk

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Satin series: Satin fabric that is full of vitality and natural features, it is an old variety that has been published for a long time.But in recent years, the textile industry has modified its products. In addition to the use of weaving process innovation, Also in the fabric dyeing and finishing processing technology extension, its density increases, feel more soft, more expanded function.The fabric has the advantages of soft feel, comfortable wearing, durable and ironing, and bright luster3

1. Because it is a customized style, each style needs to be confirmed by our client. Once confirmed, we will follow this sample for mess production in the future.

2. If you need to modify the sample, we will modify it on the basis and then take photos for confirmation, or send you a confirmation before the mass production.

3. We only charge the sample fee once per style, and we will refund the sample fee if 100 pieces of each style are ordered at once.

4. Our price is range price, different styles have different prices. Simple styles will be cheaper, complex crafts will be a little bit expensive. Every step include size, material and details will let you know and confirm. Our quality is absolutely guaranteed.

We keep the privacy of our guests absolutely confidential.

Any question you can message me anytime and I'd like to solve the problems for you.

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