Marketable Dress Solutions

  • Siyinghong have 3 professional fashion designers who can design novel styles for you according to your requirements and style combined with the latest fashion informations.we combine our pragmatic approach with our understanding of materials and processes to produce dress of consistently high quality with rigorous attention to detail.The fashion  design and high quality of our dress makes them highly popular and sought after among wholesalers, distributors and retailers.

  • As one of the leading dress manufacturers in China, we fulfill bulk orders at competitive prices thanks to the proximity of the main raw material production area.The fabric can be renewed every day, automated mass production, and comprehensive self-owned technology. Our factories are in areas with a low land cost. In addition, Siyinghong has a rich selection of more than 10000 different women clothes made in China that appeal to your clients.

Women dress Supply,Factory Direct
Women dress Supply,Factory Direct

We are a dress manufacturer that specializes in the production of superior quality dresses and profitable OEM Dress supply. Our versatile team can help design, manufacture, and deliver different styles of dresses for your custom and market needs.


Springboard to Creative Solutions

Design Customized Women Dresses for Your Target Market

If your design aesthetics is unique, please take a seat: we’ve got much to talk about. By sourcing and curating the latest and greatest women dress designs, our in-house design team acts as the springboard for your ideas. We’re the perfect starting point for creative collaboration.

We can design and manufacture a specific type of dress according to your needs, in case you do not find the women dress style you are looking for in our display of made samples. Siyinghong designers can incorporate years of market research into your dress style concept to create a marketable  women dress product.


Diverse Custom Options for Our OEM Dress Project

Diverse Custom Options for Our OEM Dress Project

Make design drawings according to your requirements and ideas. Also, it is possible to build your brand image by offering creative dress designs to your customers.

Siyinghong is your one-stop custom dress provider. The custom options we have are;

Dress materials; cotton、silk、chiffon 、denim、jeans、linen、knit、lace、spandex 、Polyester、Chiffon、Corduroy、Denim、Satin、Taffeta、Velvet、Crepe、Woolen、Worsted
Embroidered、Organza are all options for custom dress solutions.
1.Style; Scandinavian, classic, farmhouse, contemporary, and chair ideas.
2.Fabric; chiffon,satin,sequin,Leather, rayon, velvet, and more fabric possibilities.
3.Various clothing adjuvant are available.
4.Inclusion of a logo.
5.Bespoke size and dress colour.

In-House Women Dress Manufacturing to Balance Cost & Quality

In-House Women Dress Manufacturing to Balance Cost & Quality

The factory has a variety of cloth inspection machine, running code machine, plate-making computer machine, sewing machine, locking machine, locking machine, drilling machine, needle inspection machine, needle inspection machine and other machinery. The use of advanced machinery makes our production process more efficient, reduces production costs, and enables us to deliver within a shorter lead time.

Further, we are committed to providing high quality evening dresses, so we have experts in every process from pattern and design to cutting and quality inspection. We also have rigorous quality control measures at every stage of the production process.

We source raw materials for chair fabrication from trusted suppliers at affordable prices. As a result, we are able to manufacture quality women dress that are affordable for a broader market segment.

Wide Selection of Dress Wholesale

Wide Selection of Dress Wholesale

At Siyinghong, we have a diverse range of wholesale dresses to cater to the various needs of our B2B clients. Our catalog includes satin、chiffon and sequin designs that can be used for party or commercial spaces like evening prom.

We have streamlined production processes to ensure you receive a consistent supply of women clothing at all times. Our wholesale prices are also friendly and allow you to earn rewarding profit margins.

Do your clients prefer custom dress? Our team and production factories are fully capable of executing their design ideas. You can also rely on us for services such as packaging, shipping, and marketing support.


Take Your Business to the Next Level

Quality and stylish women dress are always a key factor to the success of our clients—you can count on the many winners who have worked with us. However, it is not just about a good  women clothing or women clothing style. It is about how we can make your brand shine brighter than your peers. This is where our customization, aftersales, custom packaging, and other services come in.

  • 01

    Manufacturing Benefits

    Utilizing advanced
    machinery operated by experienced workers allows us to complete your women dress orders without compromising on quality.

  • 02

    Strict QC system

    A thorough inspection of raw materials, Fabric,Stains,Stitches, Logo design and various other aspects of our women dress allows you to buy with confidence from our catalog.

  • 03

    Complete Services

    Siyinghong provides an opportunity for your business to grow through our services including free samples, custom packaging, and other convenient options.

  • 04

    Timely Delivery

    We can complete projects rapidly since we have a team of professionals with considerable experience in women dress design and fast manufacturing.

  • 05

    Profitable Wholesale Prices

    We have access to high-quality materials at lower prices thanks to our advantageous geographical location, which allows us to make high-quality women dress at a low cost.

  • 06

    Detailed Project Management

    Our skills in one-stop services, from design to mass production, packaging, and delivery, enable us to take good care of your raw materials and women dress projects.


Wide Application of Women Dresses

Siyinghong’s women dress maximize aesthetics and functional features in a variety of scenarios.



We are happy to share our expertise in women dress design, production, and industry insights. Siyinghong is your trustworthy professional women dress manufacturer.



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