Siyinghong clothing inspection process

Siyinghong will use a professional quality inspection process to customize clothing for you, because we have 15 years of experience in foreign trade women’s clothing, which is enough to support your business.

1. Check the details of packaging, fabric, fabric style.
(1)Check the outer packaging, the folding method of the garment, the shipping mark, check the style, fabric, and accessories.

(2)Check the quality of the plastic bags, the LOGO and warnings printed on the plastic bags, the stickers on the plastic bags and the folding method of the garments to see if they meet the customer’s requirements.

(3)Check whether the content, quality and position of the main mark, size mark, washing water mark, listing and other signs are correct, and whether they meet the requirements in the data.

(4)Check whether the style of the bulk product is the same as the original, and whether there are some improvements in the data that need to be improved in the bulk product.

(5)At the same time, check whether the quality and color of the fabrics, linings, buttons, rivets, zippers, etc. on the clothing are consistent with the original ones, and whether they meet the requirements of the customers. The method of checking the style is from top to bottom, from left to right, from front to back, from outside to inside, in order to prevent the omission of a certain part.


2. Check the details of women’s clothing craftsmanship.

After checking the outer packaging, you can ask the factory personnel to help remove the plastic bag so that you can check the workmanship yourself.

(1)First of all, you should lay the clothes flat on the table and look at the overall appearance, such as the height of the access control, the height and skew of the pockets, the color difference between the left and right, the armholes are not round, the hem is bent, the inner and outer seams are crooked, and the ironing is not good.

(2)Then carefully check the workmanship of each part, such as fabric defects, holes, stains, oil spots, broken threads, pleats, crepes, curved lines, pits, double track lines, throwing lines, pinholes, seam turns Spit, the lining is too long or too short, the button rivets are missing or the position is not accurate, the bottom door is leaking, thread ends, etc.

(3)The inspection of workmanship is generally in the order from top to bottom, from left to right, from front to back, from outside to inside, requiring hands to eyes to heart. When inspecting, pay special attention to the symmetry of the clothing, such as pockets, darts, yoke seams, the height of the access control, the size of the feet, the length of the trouser legs and slits, etc.


3. Check the details of the logo.

Check the shipping marks on each garment to make sure the main label, size label, wash label, and listing are all consistent and correct.3

4. Check the details of the accessories.


(1)If there are accessories such as zippers, buttons, rivets, buckles, etc., check whether the zipper can be opened and closed smoothly, whether the self-locking of the zipper is intact, whether the button rivets are firm, whether there are sharp points, and whether the buckle can be Open and close normally.


(2)At the same time, 10 to 13 pieces of clothing should be selected for functional testing of zippers, buttons, buckles, etc., that is, ten times of opening and closing. If a problem is found, a number of function checks are required to determine whether there is really a problem.


5. Check OEM/ODM details.

(1)When checking the workmanship, pay attention to pull the stitching, including the inner and outer seams of the women dress the front and rear seams, the side seams of the coat, the sleeve seams, the shoulder seams, the seams of the lining and the face fabric, and the seams on the lining, etc.

(2)To check the stitching, one can check whether there are broken threads or cracks, second, check whether there is color difference between the inner fabric on both sides of the stitching, and third, check whether the tear fastness of the inner fabric is firm.


The above is the women’s wear QC process of Si Yinghong, focus on details, service first. If you have needs, you can contact us, we will provide you with the best service process.


Post time: Nov-23-2022